As one of approximately twenty participating universities in Japan, ICU has been accommodating and training promising young government officers, practitioners and researchers from Asian countries under the Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) program in order to help them complete the Master's Course offered by the Graduate School.
The faculty who come from diverse countries and have global work experiences, provide academic education for JDS fellows expecting that JDS fellows can contribute to the development of communities, regions, and countries upon graduation. Through these classes and their lives, JDS fellows have opportunities to interact with other graduate students who come from all over the world. In addition, good academic guidance based on close communication between academic advisers and student is also one of the important characteristics of ICU. Furthermore, courses to acquire academic English skills are offered for non-Japanese students whose native language is not English.
Thus, I believe that ICU Graduate School provides an excellent program for JDS students to develop their future career.

Omori Sawa, Ph. D.
Senior Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies
JDS Program Coordinator