ICU is one of the first universities in Japan to open its doors to Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) Fellows. In 2000, the university agreed to provide JDS Fellows opportunities to study and research through the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) with Japans Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries. The first JDS Fellows arrived at ICU in 2001 from Cambodia and Uzbekistan as undergraduates and graduate students, respectively. Since then, ICU has been one of about twenty-four universities in Japan that accommodates promising young administrators in order to help them complete the Master's Course offered by the Graduate School. ICU Graduate School offers various courses in English and Japanese, which fit the needs of JDS Fellows.

The JDS Fellows have been playing an invaluable role in enriching the ICU community. Their presence diversifies the international university by providing opportunities for mutual understanding to ICU community members with multicultural backgrounds and their contributions have strengthened the ICU's commitment to international peace.

For eligibility and application procedure, please access to the following `JDS`site.

※For China, the frame has been changed into "Japan Human Resource Development Scholarship for Chinese Young Leaders" since AY2013.