Asia Pacific Confernce

A good chance to know the world: the experience of my participating in the 14th Asia Pacific Conference 2016

Chen Yang

From Nov 5 to 6 2016, I was fortunate enough to attend the 14th Asia Pacific Conference(APC) 2016 with Professor Nagy and other two JDS students at Risumeikan Asia Pacific University (PAU) in Kyushu. Firstly, I want to thank Ms. Hongou and Professor Nagy. Without Ms. Hongou timely sharing the information from Professor Nagy about the conference and her support for our itinerary, we couldn't enjoy a smooth study trip without any trouble. Professor Nagy, as a leader of this activity, as always showed his great enthusiasm to encourage us to attend this conference and provide us with much academic support.
APC, as a yearly conference, focuses on issues and topics of the Asia Pacific Region and contributes to providing a venue for meaningful dialogues and sharing of knowledge, perspectives and experiences across broad disciplines and sectors.APC 2016 aimed to promote the rich exchange and harmonization of ideas and practice with a view toward exploring a common platform for formulating policies, as well as a comprehensive research and action agenda for the Region. During this two day's session, I attended a panel session called "Business, Institutions and Society" and did a presentation-"China's electric power market reform and path dependence". In addition, I did as much as I could to listen to different presentations and discussions I was interested in at different panels. Besides various academic activities, I also enjoyed delicious food with my newly-acquainted friends at dinner time.
Although two day's conference was short, achievements were fruitful. Firstly, due to the conference involving from natural science, social science to policy studies with business, literature, languages and humanities, it was a very valuable opportunity for me to learn and understand different arguments related to my research and work. Those arguments reshaped my way of thinking some issues. Secondly, I made acquaintance with some new friends, which extended my international social web. Thirdly, because of my presentation concerning my master thesis, I took the conference as a good chance to rehearse my graduation thesis defense. Furthermore, I also got some feedbacks about my presentation, which are conducive to improving my thesis. In summary, as a student form the JDS project, not only do we need to learn knowledge in campus but also grasp at any opportunity to learn off campus to extend our knowledge structure. I think this is also one of the purposes of the JDS project.