Third International Conference on Asian Studies 2015

Break is not only for relaxing!! Break is a good time to sharpen your sword, enhance your skills, and profound your imagination. It is a suitable time to take a step towards your dreams to make them true! This is our autumn break this year. We as ABE and JDS students had very useful and effective PCM (Project Cycle Management) workshop which was held for three days from 30th of November to 2nd of December, 2015 at ERB-257, ICU Campus. This workshop was conducted by IC NET Limited. PCM workshop was a good experience not only to learn a lot of information and strategies to plan for your project, but also to apply what you have learnt practically b working in groups. PCM workshop gathers between theoretical and practical learning. It enhances our imagination. It fostered our abilities to think in detail, to analyze the problems, and to think positively by changing all the challenges and difficulties which we want to overcome to objectives we want to achieve. During these three days, ABE and JDS students work cooperatively and collaboratively to have a detailed portrait about the desired project. This workshop will help to handle our personal and life problems. In addition to, it will pave the way to write an appropriate thesis and design an outstanding project that we want to execute after returning to our home countries. PCM is a way of life!! We enjoyed our autumn break!!