Autumn Break!!! Here you come...but for First Year JDS Fellows this seems to be a challenging break they ever had. They attended the 3-Days Project Cycle Management Workshop from December 1-3, 2014 held at ERB-257, ICU Campus. The workshop was conducted by the IC NET Limited, one of the top most consultancy firms in Japan facilitated by the very own energetic and smart Keiko NOJI Sensei. Project Cycle Management workshop is a very holistic program that enhances individual skills in handling and analyzing projects in the future. It involves not only a tabletop management workshop but also an active participation and mind "boggling" discussion from the participants.

The JDS Fellows had a chance to make their own problem tree which is according to the instructor the biggest problem tree ever she encountered. The most challenging part of the workshop was that, the participants were able to work together in analyzing the issue, identifying the core problem and finding a solution based on the case study presented. The entire activity provides a new opportunity and practical skills for a future young government leader. As time pass by, the first year JDS fellows completed the workshop and made their own project plan. Though they missed three days of the Autumn Break but it was worth sacrificing for. Indeed, they kept with them the knowledge that can never be stolen.