'14 Farewell Symposium for JDS Fellows

On June 17, 2014 a farewell symposium was held for 12 graduating JDS fellows at International Conference Room, Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House in ICU. Guests from Japan International Cooperation Center joined this symposium. The JDS fellows gave a presentation on their research in the field of Public Policy and Social Research with their plan outlining how they can contribute to development in their home country after going back. JDS Committee member faculties, their advisors and also Rotary fellows listened to their presentation and had a lively exchange of views about their thesis topics.

JDS fellows expressed their deepest gratitude to the all concerned who have supported this program. ICU faculties and kohai fellows congratulated the graduates and offered encouragement for their future career.

Program for JDS Farewell Symposium 2014

The commencement was held on June 27. They got the degree of Master of Arts in Public Administration, in International Relations and in Public Economics.