Meiji Joint Seminar Brief Report

On 1th December, the joint seminar of International Christian University and Meiji University was held in Meiji University, sponsored by JDS. This seminar was consisted with registration, opening remark, guest lecture, tea break, student session, and closing remarks. The title of special guest lecturer, Dr. Stewart I. Donaldson from Claremont Graduate University - USA, was “Basic of Contemporary Program Design & Evaluation.” Key topics of the lecture were new evidence-based approaches for designing programs, the various purposes and benefits of program evaluation, program evaluation theory, theories of changing trends in international development evaluation, and perspectives on what is counted as credible and actionable evidence.

In this program, all students divided into groups and each group tried to raise questions and issues related to our own interests and drew program theory logic model such as Implementation, Financial Viability, Evaluation and Values. Later, one student of each group made brief presentation about group’s interested field. We had a lot of chances to exchange our experiences, knowledge, views, and fields of interest. Additionally, I had a great chance from this programme to communicate with students from Meiji University, all of who are from Asian countries, and we have some similar cultures, which create closer ties among us.

Another special event in seminar was student sessions. Students were again divided into three groups and each group had three commentators: one from ICU and two from Meiji University. Totally, the sixteen students gave their presentation. Among them, the eight students are from ICU and the rest from Meiji University. Other fellows joined the groups according to their interests and engaged themselves in the discussion. I was also one of presenters. Not only had I opportunity to communicate with other students about my research, but also I received valuable comments from distinguished professors and other fellows who kindly supported me to improve my future research.

I knew I would be able to get worthy advice and constructive comments from various aspects to meet weakness in my paper during the presentation time. Although I was not satisfied with my presentation, I got a valuable comment from one of the professors. He pointed out that people are worrying about how to make a sustainable finance for themselves by overcoming barriers they face. And he added a fact that they, at the same time, should look for alternative ways to make business more competitive in the local and international market. This was important factor I would have to focus on my paper.

To conclude, from this seminar, I have exchanged some views with other fellows and received comments from professors and then developed communications with Meiji students. I strongly believe that we all got significant benefits from this valuable experience, which will be useful for our future carrier and research.

Yin Yin Nyein