ICU-Meiji Joint Seminar

On December 2nd, 2012 International Christian University and Meiji University organized a joint seminar for second year students. Students had a chance to present their theses and get comments and recommendations from professors and friends. I myself was very happy to participate this seminar and of course I received many useful recommendations to improve my thesis. It was a very useful seminar, I think.

Participation in the seminar included many famous professors from Meiji University and ICU, two guests from the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for South-East Asia, and many ICU and Meiji students.

In the seminar, students had the chance to present their theses and progress reports. It was a very important step, I think. If there had not been the seminar in December, students would have thought there was still a lot of time until their deadlines, but in fact, time is too short if you do not prepare well. Moreover, while dealing with your thesis, if only you work with your thesis, your ideas will be limited. However, by taking part in the seminar, many people contributed ideas to help your thesis. In this way, we could expand our knowledge and ideas and improve our theses. Receiving comments and recommendations changed our way of thinking about our projects and helped us find new ways to approach our topics. We also exchanged ideas with peers. Moreover, in the seminar, students met and talked with many professors at the same time. I think it was a rare and useful opportunity for all students.

The seminar was also a chance for old friends to meet each other. Before coming to Japan, many JDS fellows met each other in their own countries. However, since living in Japan, not all of them could keep in contact with each other. Therefore, the seminar was a chance for them to meet each other again. I was so happy to meet my friends after one year with contact with them. Moreover, in December the ICU campus was covered with yellow autumn leaves. The scenery was so beautiful for a meeting among old friends. The seminar was also a chance for first year and second year students at ICU to understand each other more. We still meet every day around campus but all first and second year students rarely meet at the same time. I have some new friends after the seminar too. I really appreciated Graduate Office for organizing this seminar. It was not only good for our academics but also for keeping and building our network of friends. I hope in the future, we can organize this seminar as an annual event between ICU and Meiji University or even broaden it with the participation of other universities in Tokyo.