PCM Workshop - Monitoring and Evaluation

First of all I would like to thank JICA, JICE, ICU and IC Net for giving us this wonderful opportunity to train on Project Monitoring and Evaluation, which is a very useful skill for anyone dealing with various projects.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation is one of the most important parts of a project. This course consists of novel techniques that used for successful projects. As this is the second part of the Project Cycle Management (PCM) course conducted last year, we started this with refreshing our memory on preparing a Project Design Matrix. This year’s course consists of two major components: project monitoring and project evaluation. For monitoring, we studied the monitoring process of a project, the major components of project monitoring, and how it is done in a practical manner. Second, we studied evaluation criteria, evaluation methods, steps in making evaluations and an evaluation grid.

This training program was conducted over four days, starting from 2012.11.21 to 2012.11.24 at International Christian University by IC Net company. The target group was all second year JDS fellows who are studying at ICU. Hence IC Net is a well-recognized company with vast knowledge on project management. They have lot of experience with practical aspects of the things that we discussed in our training.

Mangala Wijenayake